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Hello all,

The past few weeks at the office have been pretty quiet, but really busy. Two interns at the Halifax office have gotten an extension and will luckily be with us for another little while – Leslie-Anne (or as we call her L-A) and Nick! Congrats on staying guys, it’s great to have you!

So, the weather in Halifax hasn’t been amazing but it has been starting to get better. For the first time in weeks, even though it feels like months, the sun has decided to grace us with it’s lovely presence. Due to these sudden bursts of light I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying “I wish I was outside”…  I may have been caught saying this at certain times.

This got me thinking about excuses. Why can’t I be in the office? What do I possibly have to do to get 10 minutes outside? I couldn’t really think of anything at all, but it did make me think about some cool commercials I’ve seen that have amazing excuses. I don’t have any for why you just HAVE to leave the office, you have to come up with that stuff on your own – you’re all creative people I’m sure you can think of something. What I did find was some fun inspiration. What would you do if you got caught in a compromising situation?

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out a great excuse but like Canal says – “Never underestimate the the power of a great story.”


Or maybe you need an excuse to go to the bar?


I feel like these are some pretty amazing excuses, I know I would totally believe them. If they don’t work, worst case scenario you could stick with the shaggy anthem, “it wasn’t me”.

Hope you all have a great week!






So, I’m sure you’ve all heard the good news – our new client is actually the new president of Extreme Group, Geoff Craig! If you haven’t heard the news, then you obviously live under a rock because this is big stuff! Here’s just a little bit of information on Geoff incase you didn’t know:

  • He has over 25 years of industry experience within the media world
  • Instrumental in the award winning Dove Campaign for real beauty
  • Two time marketer of the year
  • Won a Cannes double Grand Prix award for the Dove Evolution Campaign
  • Senior VP of marketing and innovation at Maple Leaf Foods
  • Oversaw marketing at Unilever

As you can see, Geoff has lots of experience. To find out more about him check out the Extreme Group website www.extremegroup.com.

Dove – Evolution Commercial

In other news, the Google Chrome commercials are killing it lately. For example, this Lady Gaga spot… just amazing.

Hope you all have have a great week… don’t work to hard!



Out dearest Asheton has left us. On behalf of everyone at the Halifax office we want to thank everyone in the Toronto office for lending her to us for a few weeks and an even bigger thank you to Asheton for being so amazing and efficient. AND (no, I’m not done being thankful yet) I personally want to thank her for taking some extra time to show me how to do some jobs and explain other things to me. You will be greatly missed here by everyone!

On a lighter note, there have been some pretty interesting videos that went around the office this week:

The video below is for Ayudin- I’m not going to say any more because I don’t want to ruin the sheer brilliance of it all.

Ayudin – Fish Chocolate

Dirt Devil – Exorcism

The featured commercial above wasn’t sent around the office, it’s just one that I found and love. You think you know when it’s going to hit the punch line and then bam it just surprises you!

In other news, I hope everyone is excited for the release of our biggest client in company history! May 18th can’t come soon enough!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Another rain filled week in Halifax. I really hope it’s nicer for you lovely folks in Toronto because the sun has decided not to make an appearance since I have moved to this province four weeks ago!

There hasn’t been anything overly exciting going on here. I don’t know if it’s the lack of sun or that people don’t tell me things. Or people tell me things and because of my ADD I can’t retain it all – either way I don’t have too much to report to you folks.

BUT, there was a message that was sent around with a list of advice from people who have recently been inducted into the 2011 Marketing Hall of Legends– if you get a chance to read the full message you really should. If not, don’t worry I made a brief list of my personal favourite top ten tips from it. I think these tips are great for marketing and just for life in general. In no particular order here they are:

1 ) Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

2 ) Say yes. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith on an idea that is scaring the crap out of you.

3 ) Stay a little stupid. That’s where the fun is.

4 ) Only the creative companies will survive.

5 ) Tenacity and resilience are two winning characteristics. You must allow for errors so that everyone stretches         beyond their own capabilities, but never make the same mistake twice.

6 ) Ideas come from the most unexpected places, look for inspiration everywhere.

7 ) Stay vulnerable, it keeps us real.

8 ) Remember, everyone else is making it up as they go too. You know more than you think – keep that confidence.

9 ) Don’t be busy, be productive. Very different.

10 ) Enjoy the liberation that comes from honesty. It will never steer you wrong with each other, with clients or with friends.

Well that seems to be all that I have for today… I hope you all have a great weekend! I know I will, everything is finally starting to come together with my secret organization aka rap crew.



I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but it has been rainy and just plain miserable for the past two weeks. I know I sure have noticed and I will tell you this my petit chouchou’s, (that’s French for little cabbages… I’m so cultured I know) I sure am ready for some sunshine. Unfortunately, looking at the weather the closest I think we’re going to get to sunshine in Halifax is the Fanta campaign below. It just makes you smile… and we all know a smile can brighten any room.

Fanta Elevator Campaign

So, in other interesting news there have been lots of changes going on in the both of the offices the past few weeks – not to fear, they should all be for the better. If they aren’t, well I’m only here for the summer so I can tell you to hold on to this blog as the glimpse of light in your lives, but you can always go back and re-read my inspirational messages about my fictional underground rap crew and baby hippos.

Hope you all have a lovely week!



So, interesting news in the Halifax office this week! We have two new interns Jenny Gillespie and Lesley-Anne Steeleworthy- welcome to both of you lovely ladies! We have also stolen the wonderful Asheton from the Toronto office for the next two weeks to help us out in this busy time. There are lots of new faces around the Halifax office this week that’s for sure, so enjoy it while it lasts and above all please be nice… we would like them to come back at some point!

I would also like to send out big congratulations to Miss Holly and Miss Kaylee for their promotions – they are now our newest Account Managers!

A few cool links that were sent around the office this week were:


This focuses on brand utility- it’s full of lots of amazing examples.

There was also a file sent around that talked about Facebook’s most recent launch Facebook Deals. This is Facebook’s response to site’s like Groupon (http://www.groupon.com/halifax/) – it was launched on April 26th in five US cities, unfortunately it isn’t offered in Canada yet but it has potential to be a very successful product for Facebook, so take advantage of this early opportunities and suggest some interesting idea’s to clients. Below are a few key points listed in the document:

1)     Focuses on activities best done with friends.

2)     Users will eventually be able to use Facebook credits.

3)     Less of a focus on urgency.

4)     250 million people use Facebook on their mobile phone everyday – There are 30 million people on Groupon and 9 million people on Foursquare – HUGE potential for Facebook Deals!

5)     It’s unique- Facebook has structured and verified meaningful demographic taste and data.

Well…that’s all I got! Have a great weekend!!



For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Glynn Jenkins. I’m the summer intern at the Halifax office and I’m working as an account coordinator.  You might be wondering what the heck this all is- so I may as well get to the point and tell you!  This is a blog from the Extreme Interns point-of-view. I’m going to be posting videos that get sent around the office, share funny stories and just fill you guys in on what it’s like to be an intern at Extreme Group.  Excited? Well you should be because it’s going to be awesome… more awesome then a baby hippo my friends! I’m going to try and write in the blog at least once a week just to give you guys a heads up on what’s going down!

Hopefully this blog will be something that all future Extreme interns can continue updating and if not… well at least you guys have me for a summer- lucky ducks.

So without any further adieu here are a few video’s that were sent around the office this week! They’re pretty awesome so if you guys have a chance I think you should really take a look!

This video below is for the Reebok promise keeper – it’s goal is to ensure that you make your runs as scheduled.

The commercial below is for the Cadbury Lunch Bar. Their slogan is “Nothing Ordinary about it”, which pretty much sums up this amazing commercial.

Sorry I don’t have any interesting stories yet, I’ve only been here for three days. I’m still the scary intern with the dude’s name.  I’m sure I’ll have something better to report next week, and if not I’ll totally just make something up so it sounds exciting!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

G$ (is this a sick blog name that will get me street cred? If not any suggestions?)